September 27, 2017

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Mastering The LSAT – Prep Unlimited!

Who: John Richardson – Author: Law School Bound and Mastering The LSAT (of the bars of Ontario, New York, Massachusetts) Where: University of Toronto – St. Michael’s College When: Choose any start date in 2011 – take unlimited classes to October 1, 2011 Meet John Richardson at  Pre-Law  Forum in Toronto or at a free […]

LSAT Logic Games – 8 Essential Skills

Welcome To LSAT Logic Games Dot Calm The LSAT is a test of reading and reasoning in three different contexts. One of the contexts is called “Analytical Reasoning” or “Logic Games” (LSAT Logical Reasoning and LSAT Reading Comprehension are the other two contexts). Many LSAT test  takers  experience a high degree of anxiety with the […]

LSAT Logical Reasoning – How The Argument Goes

Introducing LSAT Logical Reasoning – The Terrain Introduction – What Skills Does The LSAT Test? The LSAT is a test of reading and reasoning in context. Your reading and reasoning skills will tested in the broad contexts of the following three question types: – LSAT Logical Reasoning – LSAT Logic Games – LSAT Reading Comprehension […]

Should you retake the LSAT?

Definition: the words “LSAT Happiness” mean that an LSAT test taker has: “achieved a score that is high enough that he or she will not be rejected from law school.” The February LSAT scores are out. There are four groups of score recipients: